In the heart of the city discover a hotel that mixes urban style and the charm of the thirties


Right in the heart of the city, a modernist door canopy lets us see through its doors a hotel which beautifully combines its urban style with the charm of the 30’s.

Barcelona’s Hotel Regina is a charming four star hotel which stands out for its perfect combination of timeless elegance and contemporary design.

Hotel Regina was built in 1917 on the foundations of a regal building at number 4 Bergara Street. It has always given much life to the area. The area was already known for its cafés, theatres and restaurants,the hotel helped to reunite Barcelona’s citizens and visitors.

It has seen Barcelona develop through the different periods which have built the history of the city. From the heart of the urban renovation up to the universal recognition of Barcelona thanks to the Olympic games held in 1992. Another interesting fact is that, during the Spanish civil war, the Regina was converted into an improvised hospital which helped to save the lives of many people.

In this alive and ever-changing city, The Regina has known how to preserve the best of each era in its details. The Hotel combines the vitality which characterises Las Ramblas, the modernism present in Paseo de Gracia, the charm perceived in the Barrio Gótico and the grace of Rambla Catalunya.

Behind a beautiful modernist door canopy, which is still conserved, the hotel has accommodated most of the Spanish celebrities who have come to Barcelona. Actors, singers, politicians, writers… all of them attracted by its comfort, its peacefulness and its magnificent position.

Its modernist façade hides a beautiful interior, renovated in 2006 by the architect and interior designer Jordi Veciana. It could actually be defined as an updated classic.

The luxury of Hotel Regina is found in the details;such as in its modernist walls, in the chester leather sofas or in the feel of natural woods.