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Grupo Regina Hoteles, in collaboration with Le Cool Publishing, has already created Not Just a NoteBook, an own guidebook publication for the customers of their hotels.

According to Luis Roig, General Director of Grupo Regina Hoteles, the intention of the book is “to offer our clients a unique and emotional gift”. Roig explains that as “guests often ask for recommendations at the front desk and they are usually given the typical commercial city guides”.

The idea of this publication is “to recommend them places that the group really likes, so that they can experience something special and make their stay unique”.

Unlike other guidebooks this publication combines the functionality of a guidebook with the design and inspirational qualities of a notebook. “There are thousands of guides in the world. We wanted to do something unique, personal, intimate, and take the guide format beyond the standard grid-trapped book. The book goes beyond any guide we’ve ever seen,” says René Lönngren, founder and director of Le Cool.

Not Just a NoteBook has all the best sights, bars, fine dining and urban secrets of Paris, Buenos Aires and Barcelona, the three cities where Grupo Regina’s hotels are located.

This is combined with the elements of a notebook, like notes written throughout the book, as if the notebook had belonged to someone else, and space for the reader to do the same.

According to the designer of the book, Borja Martínez, “the light, imple design emphasises the participation of the users, finishing the design with their quotes, rawings and sketches.The result, it is a soft and poetic notebook, which gives the hotel clients a different way to understand a guide”.

Stephanie Ong, editor of the book, sums up saying that “the simple text and design leads the readers through each city, inviting them to create their own journey. Where a guidebook tells you where to go and what to do, this notebook is an invitation to explore”.

Not Just a Notebook is available in each of the Grupo Regina’s hotels. Customers who make reservations through the official hotel websites will be offered one free. However, everybody can buy the book for 10€ at reception desk.