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    GASTRO DISCOUNT: 10 % de remise au bar.
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In compliance with 34/2002 law dated 11th July of the services to society, information and electronic commerce we state that the owner of www.reginahotel.com:


CIF: A08307563

Address: C/ Balmes, 7 – 7D

08007 Barcelona

Contact: reservas@reginahotel.com

OR +34 933 01 32 32.

Company created in the mercantile registrar of Barcelona, Tomo 31425, Folio 171, Hoja B- 189341

Exceptions of responsibilities and guarantees

  1. REGINAHOTEL SA does not guarantee continual access, nor correct visualization, downloading and usage of elements and content or information on the www.reginahotel.com website that could be altered, interrupted and made not to function due to factors or circumstances out of its control.
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Nonetheless, for those cases in which the rules foresee the possibility of the parties to submit to jurisdiction, and where the particular conditions of the correspondent offer does not indicate otherwise, REGINAHOTEL SA and the user, with specific waiver to any other jurisdiction which could correspond to them submit to the courts of the city of Barcelona, Barcelona province, Catalonia, Spain.

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The act of permitting access to user in no way and in no case implies a waiver, transmission, licence or total or partial pledge of rights of the intellectual and industrial property which corresponds to REGINAHOTEL SA.

www.reginahotel.com is a domain registered to REGINAHOTEL SA, The social denomination and trademark “REGINAHOTEL SA” which cannot be used in connection with other contents, products or services not pertaining to REGINAHOTEL SA. Thus REGINAHOTEL SA reserves the right to impede the use of similar denominations which could induce errors to the user.


We guarantee that any transmission using personal information will be done using technology which meets maximum security Standard. Communication between your terminal and our servers is encrypted and stored on a secure Server and thus cannot be easily accessed. The use and access of this data is available only to authorized personnel from the Hotel Pulitzer.

Verisign certifies the security of transmissions. More than 11000 nights have been sold online since 2000 with no incidences to date.

Privacy Policy and Data protection

Anonymous navigation via web pages REGINAHOTEL SA, company that owns the titles to the website www.reginahotel.com only obtains and conserves the following information about visitors to our website:

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Compliance with the personal data protection act REGINAHOTEL SA, company of Spanish origin of Calle Balmes, 7 – 7D, Barcelona, Spain is the owner of the www.reginahotel.com website.

In accordance with current legislation in the matter of data protection as in the matter of services of the information society and e – commerce, the user accepts that the personal details collected during registration or reservation will be part of data files held by this company, with the purpose of providing the requested services, for the correct identification of users who request personalised services from www.reginahotel.com for statistical research of our registered users on www.reginahotel.com allowing us further better our services, for the management of Basic administration tasks and to maintain users informed by email or via any other medium about news, products and services related to the Hotel Pulitzer or with third party collaborators. In the case of commercial communications, via email or any similar media, the user expresses his consent to use of advertising being sent via said medium.

Nonetheless, The user gives his consent to REGINAHOTEL SA, to share data with the rest of the hotels in the “GR Hotels group” with the only purpose of bettering the services agreed upon, always respecting, in any case, the Spanish legislation on data protection of a personal nature.

REGINAHOTEL SA agrees to the compliance of its obligation to secrecy of data of a personal nature and of its obligation to treat them as confidential, and assume, to this end, the technical measures, organizational and security necessary to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with that established in Data of personal nature protection law and other applicable legislation.

Any registered user can at any time exercise his/her right to access, rectify and in delete their provided personal details by written petition to REGINAHOTEL SA Calle Balmes, 7 – 7D, 08007 Barcelona or by writing an email to reservas@reginahotel.com with the text “modification or cancellation of personal details” in the subject box.